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Look! An entry!

I've about decided that Facebook is fine in small doses but honestly? How many memes, whines, political rants and self-congratulatory maunderings can you take? Though the cute kittens and puppies are nice. I like it better here, so though it's harder for me to sit down and actually accomplish, I'll view it as a good discipline and go from there.

I am retiring as of this coming Friday. I am absurdly excited. It's not just a chunk of time handed back to me to use as I will, but the banishing of a lot of irritation/annoyance/mental energy suck from my daily round. Ever since we decided this was the thing to do it has felt increasingly comfortable and right. The future looks good.

In dirt-related news, today I transplanted out 89 corn seedlings (why yes, I did count, thanks) that I dearly hope I can keep alive. This is an heirloom dent corn that is supposed to do well in very short season climates, and with any luck I'll be feeding it to my assorted livestock this winter. Next is the sunflowers (for seeds, see above), pumpkins (also for livestock but maybe some for us too) and Jerusalem artichokes, because you just never know. Then it's time to plant beans. Himself has been whacking back the undergrowth that threatens to engulf the driveway, and I've asked him to save me any likely-looking limbs (maple saplings are good for this) to use for bean poles.

Darrell the junior rooster just got his plow cleaned by Randolph the senior rooster, complete with blood and feathers everywhere, and is currently sulking in solitary in the chicken house. The moron keeps picking fights with Randolph and he always loses. I've put an ad in Craigslist to try to rehome him; if that doesn't work in a few days, it's coq au vin for Darrell. Sad, as he's beautiful but honestly dumb as a post.

What else--Edith is weaning her lambs, who object strenuously and at high volume. It seems early to me as they are only coming up 8 weeks old, but they are eating everything in sight and fat as pigs, so I doubt they're suffering much. Filbert is growing a distinctly wooly fleece, Heloise remains pretty much hair type. I'm going to put her up for sale in a few weeks, and we all know what awaits Filbert. Nom.

Plain and Peanut remain stinkin' adorable at almost 7 weeks. I'll miss them, but we can't keep them all and they are, well, boys. So they get separated from their gonads in a couple of weeks and will be sold shortly thereafter, or such is the plan. I can certify them as ace brush eaters already. By the time they are ready to go the next round of baby goats should be here. I will then have 2 goats to milk and anticipate much cheezy goodness.

Finally, the 15 cockerels I got back in April are now half grown, trying to crow (badly, very badly) and giving some serious thought to freezer camp. I think that will come around about mid July.

So last weekend was June Faire. This was the first time I've been involved in it as a local denizen rather than just an attendee, and am still boggled by the sheer amount o' STUFF that has to get to the site, set up, taken down and put away again. The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed my flax demo, helping if only briefly with the cheese demo and of course, helping out with the merchant area. Fortunately the drama, while intense, was brief and the rest of the time that was pretty straightforward. I expect I can do this.

One thing I have decided, though, is that in future I am going to ask my dear friends with cameras to accept my thanks for not taking pictures of me. Or at least not posting them afterwards. I'm very unhappy with the way I look just now, and every time I see a picture I just feel worse. So I must think of a way to ask folks to desist without going into a lot of unhelpful detail.

And that, my friends, pretty much defines a first world problem. Only 4 more alarm clock days to go.

A pouring morning.

Coming down buckets. We certainly do know where the drainage issues are here at the new place (fortunately few and all outdoors).

The flooring guy is still tapping away in the living room, so looking for a good place to park myself and work on stuff. It's just possible I might barricade myself into the nice new Room of Doom (which is way, way too tidy still) and start laying out some pattern pieces ... but not, repeat NOT, cutting anything out until I get the muslins fitted by some kind friend with clue. That has produced nothing but vociferous self blame in the past, and will only do so again.

Had hoped to go over to Seattle today for the annual pre-holiday spice replacement and kickoff eggnog latte run but this is so not the weather for a lot of walking around outside. Ordinary rain, no problem, but this reminds me of why I left Kansas. So, trying again next week in hopes of a partial letup.

Thanksgiving is to be at the daughters' house, since we don't as yet have a dining room table over here. The Child is talking about turducken, which underwhelms me a bit but it's her house and I am determined to get the mother of adult children gig off to a proper start. Especially since my own mother, who is now home from rehab and showing no signs of changing anything, is bugging me about coming here for Christmas again. Choose your example and carry on, I say.

Wish the flooring guy would hurry up. This is prime sit by the fire, listen to audiobooks and finish the damn eyelets weather.

Eat up the leftover pot roast day

Or, Happy Shrove Tuesday! I grant you it doesn't sound as cool as Mardi Gras, but it has its own charm.

See http://buffalolore.buffalonet.org/shrove/shrove.htm

Yes, we are indeed a stuffy lot.


This goes to my flist--I am having tea, snacks and conversation at my house on November 26, 2 to 6 p.m. I don't have everybody's e-mail, so consider yourselves invited if I didn't ask you already. I know some of you live waaaay far away, but no reason not to ask.

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This has a certain weird charm to it

Haiku2 for countess_e
lines in the book and
that's good enough for me
les noms de personnes
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Gloatings of a fiber slut

Mwahaha ... today the book fairy delivered my very own copy of Baines 'Linen Hand Spinning and Weaving.' I am planning a lovely, genteel little orgy involving it, me, a few pots of tea, some ankle braces, a little concertina music ...

Well, whatever

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III - The Empress


XIII: Death


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I - Magician


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I'm a geek, yes, a geek am I, tra la ...

Page 123

Fifth line

Next three sentences:

(leaving out the damn accents cuz it's too hard)

Le cas regime, qui a la suite de la fusion des cas obliques latins dan la langue vulgaire de l'epoque merovingienne, herita des emplois du genitif, fut usite dans de sens, Guy fils Guyon, c.-a-d. Guy fils de Guy,--jusque vers la fin du moyen age; mais il n'est pas vraisemblable qu'il soit tombe partout en desuetude a la meme epoque.

(That's really only one but it's three lines in the book and that's good enough for me.)

"Les Noms de Personnes, Origine et Evolution" by Albert Dauzat. Was doing a little pre-Pennsic research.

I really gotta get out more.